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Upcoming Events

2016 Membership Tournaments

Apr 23 (Sat)                 Opening Day Tournament
May 7 (Sat)                  Best Ball Tournament
May 22 (Sun)               Sunday Couples
May 30 (Mon)             Memorial Day Shamble
June 18 (Sat)                Best Ball Tournament
June 19 (Sun)               Sunday Couples
July 4 (Mon)                 Fourth of July Shamble
July 21 (Thurs)             Chippendale Garry Williams Ladies Invitational
July 24 (Sun)                Sunday Couples
Aug 21 (Sun)                Sunday Couples
Sept 5 (Mon)                Labor Day Shamble
Sept 10 (Sat)                 Club Championship
Sept 11 (Sun)                Club Championship
Sept 18 (Sun)                Sunday Couples
Oct 2 (Sun)                   Sunday Couples

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