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Club Champions

Men's Club Tournament Champions

1984: Ron Holt
1985: Ty Bauer
1986: Craig Malson
1987: Tim Holt
1988: Craig Malson
1989: John Hodson
1990: Don Holt
1991: Ron Holt
1992: Ron Holt
1993: Jeff Thatcher
1994: Ed Hall
1995: Al Nagy
1996: Mike LaLonde
1997: Bryan DeWitt
1998: Bryan DeWitt
1999: Bryan DeWitt
2000: Todd Brittain
2001: Eric Tuchscherer
2002: Eric Tuchscherer
2003: Jeff Thatcher
2004: Eric Tuchscherer
2005: Mark Bowser
2006: Eric Tuchscherer
2007: Bill Osburn
2008: Brent Foster
2009: Jeff Thatcher
2010: Jeff Thatcher
2011: Jeff Thatcher
2012: Jeff Zimmerman


Women's Club Tournament Champions

1994: Barb Linzey
1995: Krista DeWitt
1996: Chris LaLonde
1997: Chris LaLonde
1998: Chris LaLonde
1999: Chris LaLonde
2000: Chris LaLonde
2001: Chris LaLonde
2002: Chris LaLonde
2003: Jane Cassis
2004: Janet Hawn
2005: Janet Hawn
2006: Chris LaLonde
2007: Jane Cassis
2008: Janet Hawn
2009: Janet Hawn
2010: Sally Masariu
2011: Sally Masariu
2012: Maggie Pridemore

Couples Club Champions

2007: Gross - Mark and Sally Masariu 
Net - Tom and Jo Hightower

2009: Gross - Janer Hawn and Brent Foster
Net - Jerry and Connie Basham

The "Al Humphery Memorial Cup"

1995: Chris LaLonde
Floyd Shaw
Joan Householder
Vivian Heronemus

1996: Dick Wilkes
Marcia Shaw
Larry Cable
Larry Starbuck

1997: Jim Humphrey
Jo Hightower
Nancy Carey
Chuck Banning

1998: Bill Humphrey
Dale Hight
Gay Hoover
Barb Round

1999: Janet Hawn
Mack Johnson
Marty Obermeyer
Dan Newby

2000: Janet Hawn
Jack Jaufman
Mark Stanforth
Diana Whitly

2001: Sheena Smith
Duane Smith
Marsha Shaw
Floyd Shaw

2002: Eric Tuchsherer
Tony DeDeo
Bob Mensing
Maryanne Mensing

2003: Janet Hawn
Sally Masariu
Bill Wagoner
Bill Defenbaugh

2004: Bill Osborn
Troy Parton
Lyn Harbaugh

2005: Bill Osborn
Gene Obermeyer
Cindy Lester
Marty Obermeyer

2006: Bill Osborn
Dave Granson
Jimmy Johnston
Lana Granson

2007: Al Nagy 
Jim Corradi
Floyd Shaw
Marcia Shaw

2008: Ken Long
Charlie Beswick
Joe Lindsey
Lynn Harbaugh




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