Opening Sunday, April 19th!

We will be open for golf beginning on Sunday, April 19.

We will be open to walking only with accommodations made for those who are unable to walk.



As a result of Howard County’s ordinances pertaining to COVID-19 it was determined that all golf courses in Howard County should be closed due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus spread and the need to maintain social distancing.  At this time, after consultation with medical personnel, as well as, best practices from other golf courses currently open and representatives of our local golf courses, the Board has determined that the golf courses may open for play, but only if the following restrictions are observed at all times:

  1. Walking only. No carts are permitted except for use by golfers who require an accommodation. If an accommodation is made, every effort to ensure no more than one golfer per cart is allowed. Any cart used should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  2. No rakes.
  3. No seed bottles.
  4. Ball washers should be covered to prevent use.
  5. No Flagsticks.
  6. Players are to stay at least 6 feet (two club lengths) away from playing partners at all times.
  7. Clubhouses and restrooms shall be closed to the public.  No gatherings in Parking Lot.
  8. All practice ranges and practice greens shall be closed.
  9. No food or beverage service.
  10. Cups should be turned upside or otherwise positioned so that golfers do not need to reach inside the cup.
  11. Payment for rounds shall be electronic only.
  12. Pushcarts may be used but only those owned by the golfer using it. No rentals.
  13. Golfers should not be allowed to congregate on the course.
  14. Tee times shall be separated by 10 minutes.

The undersigned acknowledges the need for the above guidelines and agrees to adopt and enforce them. The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees that the golf course is subject to being closed for further play if the guidelines are not enforced, or if developing health conditions in Howard County with respect to the COVID-19 virus, in the sole judgment of the Board, warrant closure.

Course: Chippendale Golf Club

By: Jim Humphrey
Title: PGA Professional
Date: April 17, 2020